There's lots of what I want to say about maths. Question is, will you dare to read it?

YMT inspired cat lady with math degree veronika honestly cat lady math degree YMT inspired design sunfrog tshirtThe first design, inspired by another T-shirt, but CUTER than EVER - for all cat ladies with math degree! Craziness squared!

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veronika honestly maths tutor maths teeTutors usually don't do so much during holidays. Unless there's a summer school where they can teach, an unlucky student who they can torture - I mean tutor - over summer...
So how do tutor afford their groceries during school holidays?

Today's real life maths story is about difficulties with oranges.

Almost everyone in their life needed to find the best value of some goods. Shall you get a bigger package or the package at a sale? For some people, it's everyday question. It helps us budgeting, so I recommend to master it.

Whether I tutor in the lesson or give homework or let students practice for their exams, I always give them answers (well, if I have them, of course). What is it good for? Let me explain...