There's lots of what I want to say about maths. Question is, will you dare to read it?

One of my friend's house number is 256; when I saw it for the first time, the immediate thought which crossed my mind was "28" - in my case, there's no special trick needed for remembering that. But when your brain doesn't work with numbers the same way, how can you remember a (long) number? The another way is to have an eidetic memory. But if that's also not your case, you can learn a smart trick how to remember long numbers.

Which one is better? How does it work? Will it suit you? Let me tell you my experience and my students' opinion for both local and online maths tuition.

My mum says I hated maths when I was little. Well, I don't really remember that. All I remember, I didn't care much about maths till I've discovered in my second year of primary school, just by an accident, NEGATIVE numbers! Wohohow!
And there, I believe, it all started...

My brother used to say he has two sisters; the beautiful one and the smart one. Well, the truth is, that my sister did some photo modelling and I am the one who knows maths. But even my pretty sister found out, she needs maths in her career. What does she do? She's a real estate agent. Calculating mortgages, insurance, working with percentages, formulas...

When I went to the British museum as a part of my holidays recently, I saw there really interesting (someone would say weird) clock. And a ball which was counting there minutes by running back and forth on a special desk.
There was an information about the length of the ball's journey each year, which was 2,500 miles. That's pretty impressive. And even more impressive is - how did they calculate the length?