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Hi there, I'm Veronika, online maths tutor, and I believe you might like to find out who's going to be your maths help number one showing you ninja maths moves to prepare you for your exams and to tackle your grades! My help doesn't start and end with GCSE and A level maths, although those are the exams I'm helping my students most of the time with. If you're currently studying any maths that you need help with - don't be shy to get in touch as I can pretty much be of help to you too.
Even if maths may not be your favourite subject, be prepared I might try to convince you that maths is actually pretty cool...

So here I am, the lady that - indeed - sees maths everywhere and isn't afraid to say it aloud =)

Now, when you know me a bit, please choose where you want to continue:


Online Group Tuition

Learn maths in a group of likeminded peers! Intense online maths group course for top graders.

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Online Maths Tuition

Learn maths with me! Engaging online maths lessons for all maths levels.

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Free weekly GCSE maths homework

Cover all GCSE topics with my homework practice course. Get maths topics directly in your inbox each week from September to late spring.

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Maths doesn't have to be only in textbooks. MathShop with all its witty maths printable cards is waiting for you right here!


Printable Hub

Get a funny maths printable each month alongside with many more seasonal printables from the creative collective.

Printable Hub

Do you still want to know a bit more about me? Just click here to find out who your maths tutor is ...or watch the video - again? - on the top of this page =)

Can't wait to help you with maths!

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