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Hi there, I'm Veronika. As an online maths tutor, my job is to teach you ninja maths moves to prepare you for your exams and make sure you achieve your dream grades! Usually, the majority of my students are studying GCSE or A-level maths (including National 5 and Scottish Highers), however, I have years of experience teaching everyone from primary to degree and also Special Education Needs (SEN) students. Whatever your maths learning goals - don't be shy to get in touch. I look forward to hearing how I can help.
PS: Even if maths is not your favourite subject, be prepared I might convince you that maths is actually pretty cool!

Do you want to know a bit more about me? Just click here to find out who Your Maths Tutor is or read the references from many happy students and parents.


What some of my students (and their parents) said:

"N. got 9 in Maths and 8 in Further Maths. Thank you so much for your help."

"The school predicted K. grade 6 and she got 8, just like you said what she can achieve!"

"Hi Veronika! Just messaging to let you know I got a 7 in maths, thanks for all the help and I will see you in September again for A levels :)"

Your Maths Tutor: Translating from alien to English (also known as maths tuition services)

Hands up who had troubles with maths at school.
I see a forest of hands.
Now raise one on behalf of your child.
I see the forest got thicker.
But I have good news: it doesn’t have to be like that.
No more stress when it comes to numbers. Or numbers with letters (yay, algebra!) or weird signs.
∑ ∫ π ∂ ∩ θ ∝ ξ ∅
Yes, we use these in maths, they’re not aliens’ language.

If you’re worried about your child’s maths knowledge and their future exams, be it in a couple of years or in a few month’s time (be aware, if only weeks are left, I’m not a magic unicorn who can do miracles - not saying I won’t try though…), get in touch now to secure tailored help, so your child can get the grades they deserve, continue their education uninterrupted and study what they really want without having to resit the exam or settling for a study program that was not their primary choice - just because, you know… maths.

Students can get better at maths with tailored specialist help. Even if they struggled through the whole primary. Or secondary. Or both. Even if they have special needs, maths anxiety, learning difficulties or just really, really hate maths (oh, my heart bleeds). I’ve seen a consistent improvement by two grades on average, I’ve seen maths anxiety melting away, I’ve seen students studying further maths, beyond the compulsory years while their initial statement several years back would be “maths is evil and I can’t wait to be done with it, I just have to [somehow] pass the exams”.
I’ve seen a lot in the last [almost] two decades I’ve been tutoring maths. Hundreds of students, thousands of hours. I’ve seen that work put in by the student grows exponentially when they get specialist help and follow tailored advice. Maths is easier than more people think. They might just need bespoke help fitted to their needs. Then they can learn maths even if it makes them anxious, even if they have always been “bad at maths”.

“Bad at maths” doesn’t exist - let’s delete it from our vocabulary, shall we?
I call this situation to be “mathematically challenged”.
So I’ll rewrite the sentence. People can learn maths even if it makes them anxious, even if they have always been “mathematically challenged”.
And maths tuition is about solving challenges students may be facing when it comes to maths.

If you’re here, you are probably already considering getting specialist maths help.
But you may be wondering why using Your Maths Tutor instead of many others.
Here are a few “why” answered:

Your Maths Tutor (aka I, Veronika, hi, nice to meet you) is a full-time tutor, with a maths degree, teaching experience, SEN trained and has been tutoring hundreds of students since 2006. I do have an enhanced DBS, in case you wonder. I’d say that’s quite the standard, hence almost not worth mentioning. But I rather mentioned. Just in case.

I have almost two decades of tuition experience under my belt. Unlike less experienced tutors, who may charge less (which is absolutely ok, I was once new in the industry too and was grateful for parents who entrusted me being good enough to tutor their children), I’m bringing to the table many, many years of knowledge - not only of the curriculum and exam boards but also various learning techniques that suit different students, common mistakes often done and ways how to avoid them and lots of little tricks and hacks for tackling maths that can be learnt just by working with students and solving their personal maths challenges for a long, long time.
I have a maths degree and a teaching background BUT I’m NOT a teacher (and that is good). So yes, I know my way around both maths and teaching - but above all, I know my way around tutoring. Teaching and tutoring are not the same things. And either one is not superior to the other. You may need a teacher, tutor or both. Here, you found an excellent tutor (hi, again). If that’s what you’re looking for, keep reading.
I’ve been tutoring maths (full or part time) since I was 17 and never really wanted to pursue a teaching career in a school setting full-time. I found out quickly that I can help students way better when I can fully focus on each student as an individual, when I tutor them privately instead of teaching 30 kids in a noisy classroom. Tuition runs in my veins. It’s all I’ve ever done (besides little school jobs here and there - mostly in London, if you were wondering). Once we’ll discuss your targets and expectations, then I can tutor your child alongside their school maths lessons as well as can provide them with full maths support if they’re fully or partially home educated. But I will approach it always as a tutor, not a teacher.
I am SEN trained and experienced in tutoring students with various learning difficulties. ASD, ADHD, ADD (that’s more letters than in your average algebraic equation!), dyscalculia, dyspraxia, dyslexia, dysgraphia (dys-liking maths - yes, that counts too…), maths anxiety - you name it, I’ve seen it. And I helped.
I am a full-time tutor and I’m not an agency. Unlike many part-time tutors (often currently students or teachers in schools), I can tutor at various times of the day, I can be flexible when a rearrangement is needed. And unlike agencies, that need to cover extra costs and may have tutors on a rota, it’s me who tutors your child, you know who you’re getting - every single time, it’s just the same tutor, no changes to your child’s routine and no extra fees.

With that said, I aim to tutor fewer students than an average full-time tutor, so I can focus on the quality of the tuition, additional support, flexibility and great service.

Have you ever seen a 100% pass rate guarantee? Sounds too good to be true, right? It probably is. I guarantee better understanding and a lot of “aha” moments and most likely an improvement on average by two grades (backed by my reviews - data doesn’t lie) - depending on the timescale and intensity of the lesson plan.

For this, I do require a commitment on the student’s/parents’ side but that will more likely reward you (and your child especially) with the desired results.
Hence, to achieve or surpass your learning goals like many of my past students did, I’ve created monthly lesson plans that help you stay on track by committing to weekly lessons (of course, there are ways to do a suitable replacement if life gets in a way of maths tuition). This I found crucial for achieving the desired progress.
No matter if a student does half an hour per week or three hours per week of extra tuition, weekly repetition is the key. And a genuine effort on the student’s side.
The rest is my job.
Monthly plans mean easy price budgeting - you know what you pay each month. Each month the same price, fixed and easy, it doesn’t matter if it happens to be 4 or 5 weeks in a month (while most months have 4 weeks, think about the occasional 5th lesson as a free one - yay!)

Is your child ready to take their maths knowledge to the next level?

They can do it on their own, in school or at home. But it takes more effort, energy and time, and quite often the results are just not what they should be. The final exam grade is maybe not what they wanted. The uneasy feeling in each maths lesson still lingers. And that’s because, maths is still quite alien, after all. It can be demotivating and stressful.
I was very lucky that I was quite naturally good at maths (well, apparently not in my early years - but I don’t remember that particularly, it’s my mum’s favourite joke, telling people how I was not very happy about maths when I was 6 years old - that may be true but I only remember getting fascinated by maths when I discovered negative numbers shortly after) and I had really good teachers in school - throughout my whole studies. But not everyone is lucky to have this ultimate combo.
If maths is what your child just needs to “deal with”, let them be it easy with specialist maths help.
If maths is what your child wants to really master and study further, let them get there easier, quicker, with - yes - specialist maths help.

As I mentioned before, I have limited spaces, especially around key pre-exam times. I prefer quality [of the tuition] over quantity [of students]. And while I always try to find a time slot for everyone, I need to keep enough time for lesson and homework planning, assessments, ongoing help to my current students in between lessons and all the little work that makes the difference between being “just tutored” and the full service you’re getting with Your Maths Tutor.
Other tutors told me that I overdeliver. I call it the standard service.

Is your child having an exam this year?

While I don’t know whether you read this in September or in January, getting help now is better than leaving it for another month of more - long-term focused tuition has much better results than hoping in miracles three weeks before exams in crammer classes. Those are good for solidifying knowledge, not for patching extensive knowledge gaps.
Perhaps your child is not having exams this school year yet. If so, that’s good - more time left means less stress to deal with. But if you’re here, reading this, you know your child needs some help with maths (unless you just really like reading extensive articles in your free time).
I expect it’s the former. And lucky you - now is the best time to find out what your child personally needs to ace the exams that you have in two or several years’ time from now. Don’t leave it for the last minute if help is needed now. It’s usually not worth the stress later.

Do you want to know your current child’s maths knowledge and know what to do to improve it?

Book a taster lesson to get your personalised assessment - you’ll know where you’re at now and what you need to do to get where you want to be in a few months or a few years' time.
You’ll get a personalised lesson plan after the taster lesson and when you start regular tuition, you can rest assured that your child will start understanding maths better within weeks. They are just one or a few lessons away from their “aha” moments and “this makes sense now” statements.
Maths lessons (be it in school or at home) will stop being the dreaded time of the day. Time spent by doing maths will be more efficient so there will be more time left for learning either other subjects that may have been neglected so far or just have more free time. Who wouldn’t like more free time?


Or if your child is currently in KS3 (11 - 14 years), you can learn more about my Key Maths Skills program that aims to get students ready for their GCSE maths studies.
"Learn key maths skills in KS3 and avoid last-minute stress and expensive intense tuition sessions in Y11 in order to ace GCSE maths exams."


If I’m unavailable to help you personally, you can join my waitlist or explore more options and services I offer, to help your child with maths.
I aim to provide more additional support to those who I cannot help personally in a dedicated time schedule (because, a single day, after all, has only 24 hrs).
Please, feel free to ask, I’d be happy to tell you about options and ideas.

A few FAQ answered for your convenience:

A: I tutor online as it’s - apparently - the best for everyone: my students like it, I like it, the environment likes it (fewer work miles means fewer emissions, even though I drive a hybrid) - so it’s a no brainer.
And since moving to a rural area (finally!) after years spent in London, this is the best way to reach all the students who want to know how to overcome their personal maths challenges.
And in case you’re not-so-keen or unsure about the online way, worry not. I’m a tech whizz, as they say, so I can sort out most online tuition or tech-related problems on the go. Even when I had to use my sister’s Mac while stuck in Florida with Covid while I had little to none prior knowledge about using Macs whatsoever.
So if tech fails you or you’re worried about it, I can help. There’s nothing that can stop us - unless there’s no internet. And if that would (ever) happen, we can get some ol’ phone and have a maths call instead - where are the days when I was tutoring students over the phone? When there were no cameras on phones or laptops and internet connection cost you an arm and leg per minute…? Well, if distance tuition was possible even nearly two decades ago, then no worries are needed about the tech stuff nowadays. I have it covered. And it’s way more fun - with video calls and an interactive whiteboard that acts as an online notepad that saves notes from each lesson. All your maths work in one place, easily accessible - for both the student and the tutor - any time of the day and week. No more lost notepads with the HW …or eaten by a dog… Dogs don’t eat computers.

>> For a quick overview prices are available to be seen here <<
A: A further breakdown of the most common monthly plans is detailed in my Terms of Service (see more price details here). The agreed lesson length accounts partially for the overall monthly fee. The most common plans that I recommend and offer include 45 mins for one to one tuition or paired tuition, 1.25 hrs weekly for group maths tuition.
Costs are payable per month and are as follows (each month is the same, no matter the amount of weeks)
45 mins weekly one to one tuition - £208 per month
45 mins weekly paired tuition - £130 per month
75 mins weekly group tuition - £117 - £84.50 per month (depending on the group size - you can enquire further with me)
Key Maths Skills program - £60 per month

A: To put it simply, my usual monthly fees (for one to one tuition) range from £468 to £156 depending on the weekly lesson length, hence the hourly rates (depending on whether the specific month has 4 or 5 weeks) translate to a range of £46.80 to £78.
This is just a guidance as I do not set an hourly rate for my maths tuition services in that sense (usually - see also the note below). I charge for my experience and skill and not for the exact time I sit in a lesson with each student. The monthly fee includes the weekly session in the agreed length, lesson planning, resource preparation, setting homework, reports (more or less regular - depending on mutual agreement) and consultations when needed. You are essentially paying for my expertise and the service I provide, not my exact time.
If you're curious more about the pricing (that follows a crazy but perfectly exact formula I've created to accommodate other aspects that affect the overall fee), see my pricing page for maths in action, yay!
My signature Key Maths Skills program costs a fraction of one to one lessons (understandably as it is built in a way that changes the demand on my time and other aspects of the tuition) but retains the benefits of personalised support (hooray!)
NOTE: For those who need ad-hoc tuition or just a one-off lesson, suitable pricing will be provided upon request, a basic breakdown is available to be seen in my Terms of Service.

A: Yes.

A: Usually no… (see more in the net Q&A)
Your child may be doing maths too advanced for you to comfortably explain all the details, correct working out and little useful tricks around it.
Even if you’re good at maths yourself (so we can speak fluent alien together), it may be just not possible to teach your own children. Or close relatives. They won’t like it! They will be annoyed, unfocused, they will try to find all possible excuses to not do maths with you. Probably. Unless you’re very lucky.
I have been there. I’ve tried (emphasis on tried) to tutor my brother when my mum asked me to do so. “You’re tutoring other kids, help him too.” Well… after ten minutes of my best performance, he blankly looked at me and said “can you repeat it, I wasn’t paying attention”. I’m very patient but with my brother, we only did those ten minutes.
While this was back in the old days and I’m feeling confident that I could tutor my brother's maths now, he doesn’t need it anymore. Besides the usual, real-life maths here and there in everyday life - but that he can deal with.

A: Certainly yes. Often, home educating families make their lives revolve around this big and exciting change. So you'll be likely more committed and prepared to do the heavy lifting (which in the end doesn't have to be that heavy, it depends on many factors). Many home educating families do teach their children all subjects they decide to pursue, maths including, completely by themselves. And that's a big task which many families with children in schools may not be prepared for (hence the above Q&A is mainly aimed at families with children at school).
The world of home education is quite different from the world of families with children attending school. For that reason, I have dedicated a whole big section of my website for further help, info and tips for home educating maths.

A: I offer various maths tuition services and would advise you with the best option for your child. If the plan wouldn’t fit your budget, there are other options.
We can adjust the lesson length to fit your budget (if you’re ready to roll your sleeves up and offer more extra help to your child between lessons following my guidance, it can work really well). Alternatively, your child can buddy-up with a friend or two they know (perhaps from their class) and create a private tuition mini-group where each parent can benefit from a substantial discount per child.
If you need more hours per week, discounts for extra lessons are also available and can be discussed upon request.
If everything else fails, I can connect with my network of colleagues tutors and ask for someone who could cater for your needs and budget. And it costs nothing extra. All you need to do is ask me for more details.

A: Yes. But it’s not me who says that. It’s my students who say that. Read their reviews here and directly from Google below (just keep scrolling to the bottom of the page).
…if the Google review gadget is actually showing. They've said it’ll show only limited times per month unless I’d pay for it. But honestly, I rather pay for a subscription for maths resources and new editions of maths books so I can prepare lessons well. A review gadget is not that important, right? But the reviews that I’ve gathered from various sources (including Google) are always accessible - just click here.

Learn maths with Your Maths Tutor

√ 17+ Years of Experience
√ Maths Degree
√ DBS Checked
√ In-School Teaching Experience
√ SEN Trained

√ And Fun To Learn With!

Achieve or surpass your learning goals like many of my past students did (see references).

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I can't wait to help you with maths!

Your Maths Tutor offers a wide range of maths tuition services and additional maths help - choose where you want to continue or contact me to discuss the best option for you:


What some of my students (and their parents) said:

"N. got 9 in Maths and 8 in Further Maths. Thank you so much for your help."

"The school predicted K. grade 6 and she got 8, just like you said what she can achieve!"

"Hi Veronika! Just messaging to let you know I got a 7 in maths, thanks for all the help and I will see you in September again for A levels :)"

Do you still want to know a bit more about me? Just click here to find out who Your Maths Tutor is or read more references from many happy students and parents.

To discuss your needs further please email me with your maths enquiries
email Your Maths Tutor 
or WhatsApp me at +44 750 7356 113

I can't wait to help you with maths!