Wait... what?

Yes, become a friend with your calculator. And don't try to tell me you don't have any (calculator... I'm not questioning your status in terms of having friends).

I suppose you're here, reading this article because you need maths in your life right now mostly for academic purposes. That means you're probably a student working towards some sort of exams. And that's why you need your own calculator and most of all you need to know it. As you know your friends.

Knowing your calculator well (and getting the same type as required by your school for your maths exams) is one of the key tricks how to boost your confidence while taking maths exams and will help you to achieve better results.

Do you know how to switch degrees and radians on your calculator? I'm not talking now about the fact you should know what those terms means and how to define them and when to use them. Do you know where's π [pi] (yeah, that weird number used for calculating circumference and area of circles and for plenty of other stuff), where's the button for combination numbers and how to type on your calculator other powers than squared and cubed? How to swap results from decimals to fractions and vice versa? How does your calculator display periodic numbers? Do you know how to program it to get the results in a form you prefer? And what is the weird 10x or EXP...?

Let's have a look at your exams you're going to take in the nearest future and ask yourself, do I know my calculator and can I do all the necessary magic with it? If not, I'll ask you, do you think you'll have a time during your exams to find out all the stuff you don't know yet about your calculator?

Well, that's exactly why you need to become a friend with your calculator.

P.S.: Make sure your new maths friend will not die during exams. It may sound weird, but I was taking some of my exams with a tiny screwdriver and spare batteries in my pocket as a result of an unexpected death of current batteries once in the past (luckily not during exams at that time).


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