veronika honestly maths tutor maths teeTutors usually don't do so much during holidays. Unless there's a summer school where they can teach, an unlucky student who they can torture - I mean tutor - over summer...
So how do tutors afford their groceries during school holidays?

Full-time tutors like me have to work periodically. With a high peak of work before the main exams - in England, it's GCSE and A-level maths exams in May and June for example.

Teachers seem to be lucky - 13 weeks of paid holidays over the year, right? Well, yes and no, as a tutor I don't have to do so much marking and all the other paperwork.
But every year of my tutoring career, which I love so much, I wonder how to survive summer. Without any income. Sounds scary? Not so much, when you're good with numbers, you're good with money and know your budget, you just plan for those two months. But that doesn't make it feel any easier either.

So what could I do, maths-related, to stay on top of summer (and throughout the year - what if I'll be ill for a while - stresses of self-employed people)?

The inspiration came from several sources. Do you see my tee in the picture above? That's from my friend. It's soooo cool! (Especially when you know maths and when you watched The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.)
Later I saw one of my students(!) wearing really cool tee. It was a chemistry thing, but chemistry is full of maths too.

People do love nerdy science and maths stuff! It's not only me =) So I decided to create cool maths tees which you can buy.
Conveniently from Your Maths Tutor - just click MathShop in the main menu =)

It's very exciting and just for you to know - I keep working on designs so come back here and there to find more - they've been bubbling back in my head for years, now I can unleash my creativity (and years of living surrounded by maths craziness) without taking too much time off what I love the most - and that's my maths tutoring.

Hi, it's Veronika, your little maths helper and content creator of Your Maths Tutor.
I've always had a great relationship with maths so no surprise I got a maths degree and ended up teaching it full time - as an online maths tutor.
If you need help with maths just get in touch =)

See you around and on my social media!