I'm not going to write here the very old maths joke about ex and differentiation. It's not so funny, even if you would understand it. But I was wondering recently about all the beauty of this function and its derivation and therefore also integration resistance.

Hmm? Yes, I'm really asking you - why? I get it when someone doesn't like broccoli aka green mini-trees as it may have weird taste or something (I'm not talking about myself, as I love broccoli, but as we know, I'm weird, because I love maths as well, so it's not surprising.) But how could someone say "I hate maths"?
Of course - nobody needs it, it's too complicated, the maths teacher is unfair, it makes no sense...

My friend is an artist - an awesome one. Above all, he loves comics with his whole heart, he had even a comic book shop once. And he's going to re-open it again, soon - I believe.
So while being an excellent artist, he doesn't like maths, like many of my friends anyway... He can draw awesome pictures and create lots of unbelievable art stuff... so why to care about maths, when you can make your living by doing art, right?
Well, you'll be surprised...

Are you in early KS3 years and looking already for a GSCE tutor? Do you have exams in two weeks and still haven't started to prepare yourself properly? (Yes, there are students with nerves of steel.) Do you have an important test on Monday (thinking about fact I'm writing this article on Saturday =) and you're thinking "maybe I need a little help"?

So when (if even) do you need a maths tutor?

Do you want to achieve the best grade, but still losing marks? Do you think you know your maths, but your mocks (or any training tests you've done) are still looking worse than you expected? Let's have a look at unnecessary mistakes which cost you your marks.

Hi, it's Veronika, your little maths helper and content creator of Your Maths Tutor.
I've always had a great relationship with maths so no surprise I got a maths degree and ended up teaching it full time - as an online maths tutor.
If you need help with maths just get in touch =)

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