Key Maths Skills: individual, self-paced learning with personalised support

Learn key maths skills, starting at the right level, at your own pace.

Perfect for secondary maths students who want to:

√ Tackle key maths skills needed for GCSE, iGCSE or Nat 5 maths
(the program follows the exam specifications in order to give students a strong maths foundation required for their chosen maths exam)

√ Get support from an expert maths tutor
(18+ years of maths tuition experience, maths degree, DBS checked, SEN trained, teaching experience)

√ Learn stress-free at their own pace with a flexible learning schedule
(recommended skills can be practised throughout any time at the student's own pace - no missed lessons, no peer pressure)

And also perfect for students who want to:

√ Bridge gaps between primary and secondary maths
(no matter your age, you can start off at the right level and make your way through the required skills at your own pace)


What to expect:

Targeted learning

The program was carefully created specifically for students aiming for GCSE, iGCSE, and Nat 5 maths (it is possible to use KMS for Functional Skills Level 2 as well). Each student can follow a prepared plan suitable for their exam or get a bespoke learning plan created upon request. This will prepare students for their exams over the long term by focusing on building a strong foundation.

Inexpensive long-term maths tuition support

The program's structure allows the Key Maths Skills to be budget-friendly while offering many advantages over traditional group classes. Parents are encouraged to be involved and help keep students on track.

Key Maths Skills program is:


Each student gets a set of skills to practice and works at their own pace when it suits them. No missed lessons due to being ill, on holiday, having extra classes, or just being unable to connect to the internet at the least convenient time.


Watch theory on demand with my pre-recorded videos. You can also opt for extra add-on videos covering theory when and as you need them.


There is no interaction between students, so there is no pressure if others are quicker with their learning and no boredom if others are slower.


Students will know whether they have the correct answers and always have the chance to improve with instant interactive help.


During their learning, students have the option to choose related skills to return to the basics if needed or to learn further and beyond if desired.


Students can ask questions that are answered regularly by an expert maths tutor. Students are encouraged to ask questions weekly - this shows they work at the correct level: not too easy, not too difficult. But this is just a suggestion and doesn't have to be followed.

How to enrol:

Join any time - students can begin with an assessment (a further explanation will be given) and start off at the level most suitable for them.

Places are limited in order to secure personalised support for all enrolled students. Please enquire now to discuss your child's placement.


Secondary key maths skills learnt at the student's own pace
Practice any time with an adaptive online learning program
Questions answered 
by an expert maths tutor with 18+ years of experience & proven results

What some of my students (and their parents) said:

"N. got 9 in Maths and 8 in Further Maths. Thank you so much for your help."

"The school predicted K. grade 6 and she got 8, just like you said what she can achieve!"

"Hi Veronika! Just messaging to let you know I got a 7 in maths, thanks for all the help and I will see you in September again for A levels :)"


Quotations taken word for word from my references - find out more here.

Improve your confidence in maths with Your Maths Tutor.

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"Understand your learning potential, gain confidence & start aiming for top grades right now."


We contacted Veronika as our teenage son, who had previously enjoyed maths, had had his confidence severely knocked and had fallen behind in maths after moving up to high school. Maths had gone from a subject he enjoyed, to a class he dreaded. Veronika took on board the issues and concerns we had and helped our son with the areas he was struggling with and helped restore his confidence in this subject. He now no longer dreads maths class and has stated that he may continue studying maths beyond high school years, as his understanding and enjoyment of this subject has returned. We cannot recommend Veronika highly enough.
Our son, when asked for his opinion stated "Veronika is very helpful, has a good understanding of all topics and went out of her way to help me".

Elle C. for Lycee student

When my 15 year old son announced that he would like to receive some tuition for his Maths GCSE with only 9 weeks to go before the exam, I got straight onto the internet to find one that would meet his needs. And boy did I find her! Veronika was brilliant. She took time to get to know my son, his history (he is a school refuser) and supported his learning in a very intuitive way from day dot. She is highly experienced in her field and this shines through. My son likes her and responds to her very well which is definitely a contrast to his experience in the school setting. Veronika is an exceptional tutor and I can recommend her wholeheartedly. Thank you Veronika.

Helen W. for GCSE student

Veronika has helped me prepare for professional numerical psychometric tests that I passed thanks to her help. She was always well prepared, patient, great at explaining, and engaging. As a working professional, I really appreciated Veronika’s flexibility with arranging lessons. I would highly recommend her lessons to anyone. Thank you!

Veronika S., policy analyst