"Booster Maths Team Classes"


For KS3, KS4, Foundation & Higher Tier GCSE Maths
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Live online classes run by an expert maths tutor with 15+ years of experience & proven results

These courses are perfect for those who:

√ Need a regular maths boost

√ Want to benefit from learning in a small group

√ Want regular homework & feedback

√ Study KS3 or KS4 maths

The Booster classes are here to help by providing regular and focused maths work in this currently unpredictable environment full of ever-changing lockdown rules, self-isolation routines (especially in cold winter months) and social distancing.
Booster classes are small groups with a max of 4-6 students of similar maths level and abilities. The two main groups are KS3 Maths + Foundation Tier GCSE Topics and KS4 Maths + Higher Tier GCSE Topics. During our free consultation we can determine together which classes would suit you better. For example, a very advanced KS3 student may thrive in the KS4 + Higher Tier group. On the other hand, a student studying towards Foundation Tier would probably find the KS3 Maths + Foundation Tier group more suitable even if they may already be in KS4.
Classes reflect topics and questions that students commonly struggle with. Each lesson is prepared to help with specific problems - be it something that you are currently learning in school or something you didn't learn well in the past and want to get back to. Having a strong foundation with no gaps in knowledge is the key to learn maths with ease.
There are many students that start their new school year confidently, but at some point struggle with a topic or two because they just didn't get it right at school. Before they know it these topics can become big problems that seem difficult to tackle as the maths gets progressively harder and they feel lost.
I want to change this. I want you to continue getting better at maths and keep up your good work. I want you to enjoy maths, see the benefits of this subject in everyday life, better understand every topic that you're learning and study all necessary GCSE maths with ease.
The more you know, the easier it all is.

Get in touch to talk about your goals, current knowledge and everything you need to know before joining one of my Booster Maths Teams! 
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These booster classes aim to help KS3 and KS4 students bridge the gaps in their maths knowledge and keep them on track when studying towards their GCSE maths exams.
This course is right for you if you:

  • struggle with any maths topics you are currently learning or were supposed to learn in school
  • feel like you need to practice more to stay on track with your current maths knowledge and not fall behind
  • want consistent maths guidance outside of school provided by a friendly and patient tutor who also makes maths fun.


Lessons run once a week for an hour and are tailor-made to meet students' requests - be it a general topic or specific question to discuss and explain.
The structure of the course requires the students to submit their topic/question requirements each week prior to the next lesson. Homework is given each week and consists of all the topics covered in the previous lesson - such homework broadens students' knowledge by having them work on a variety of topics whilst being focused on their own requested topics as well.


The course runs throughout the whole school year in monthly rounds (made up of 4-weeks), with one week off during Christmas and Easter. You can start any time - submit your first topic or questions for the nearest upcoming lesson and join one of my Booster Maths Teams!
Bookings are paid each month for the following four weeks, if you're joining in the middle of the month, you'll only pay for the remaining weeks of the month.


Lessons are recorded and available to replay for a short period of time so you will not miss a single minute of any class, even if you're unable to attend some lessons.
If you are unable to attend a lesson, you can submit your topic or question before the lesson and it will be explained and included in that week's homework too.


For £60 per month (£15 per lesson), you'll get:

  • 4 hours per month of focused maths lessons (live lessons + access to recorded lessons in case you miss any) - regular work is the best way to achieve great results.
  • Interaction with other students who have the same study goals as you - you're part of a team! Seeing that you're not alone on your way to top grades will help to boost your confidence.
  • Help and guidance from a maths specialist who has helped hundreds of students over 15+ years of tutoring. Many of these were just getting a bit lost or simply needed that regular boost to get back on track and to stay there. 

What some of my students (and their parents) said:

"N. got 9 in Maths and 8 in Further Maths. Thank you so much for your help."

"The school predicted K. grade 6 and she got 8, just like you said what she can achieve!"

"Hi Veronika! Just messaging to let you know I got a 7 in maths, thanks for all the help and I will see you in September again for A levels :)"


Unsure whether online group tuition is the right learning environment for you? Try one week and if you decide it doesn't suit you for any reason you'll get a full refund, no questions asked.

I also offer one-to-one online maths tuition - if that's what you'd prefer please click here to find out more.

Get in touch to have a quick chat about your goals, current knowledge and everything you need to know before joining one of my Booster Maths Teams! 
book your spot now via email 
or WhatsApp at +44 750 7356 113

"Understand your learning potential, gain confidence & start aiming for top grades right now."


Veronika has helped me prepare for professional numerical psychometric tests that I passed thanks to her help. She was always well prepared, patient, great at explaining, and engaging. As a working professional, I really appreciated Veronika’s flexibility with arranging lessons. I would highly recommend her lessons to anyone. Thank you!

Veronika S., policy analyst

I would happily recommend you!! You managed to get A. from an E to a B!!! Amazing x

Emma P. for A level student

Veronika is tutoring my daughter for her GCSE maths exam. Daughter finds Veronika very helpful - good and clear at explaining topics she doesn’t understand. Veronika is extremely reliable and always responds quickly to any queries between lessons.

Lorraine J. for GCSE student