Your Maths Tutor’s Terms of Service

Please read the following terms of service, fill in and sign the Client’s Information to show you have read and understood Your Maths Tutor tuition services.
When you pay for any of Your Maths Tutor's services, you agree to these terms:

For group courses and programs the terms apply with a few changes where appropriate, please see added notes in each section.


A single lesson, taster lesson, prior to committing to a monthly plan (or any extra lesson on top of the regular monthly plan) is required to be paid at least 2 days in advance to secure your booking slot at the following rates:

45 mins - £100

See more about what to expect from a taster lesson further below.

The fees for long-term, regular, one to one tuition are payable monthly, no matter whether there are 4 or 5 weeks in any calendar month:

£300 per month

You will get 3x 45 min lessons each month + specific support in the implementation week (depending on student's level and needs), typically students would work on past papers following Get Those Marks program if in Y11 or Y13.

The schedule when live lessons are taught is given in advance. It does not follow school holidays (although many school holidays often fit into the implementation weeks).

The monthly tuition fee is to be paid on the 15th of the month for the following month, the change of the regular payment date might be discussed. The first payment is to be paid via direct debit at least 2 days in advance to secure your regular booked slot. The ongoing payments will be collected via direct debit according to the agreed lesson plan.

Adjustments to the payment plans above can be made at the tutor’s discretion upon mutual agreement.

If you want regular tuition over weekends, there is a 50% extra charge - if the tutor has a free time slot available. There is no extra charge for tuition on bank holidays. If a single replacement lesson is agreed to be tutored over a weekend, your normal rate will apply.

Notes for group courses and programs: Prices differ per program, please see more at the Prices sections of the website.



Lessons are planned for 45 minutes.
Towards the end of each lesson, there is always a space given to the student to ask for any final questions.
As a result of this lesson structure, every lesson may vary by a few minutes. Please allow for an extra few minutes than planned depending on the completion of the final task, question or problem.



A taster lesson would generally include an assessment chosen appropriately by the tutor to reflect at best the expected current student's maths knowledge. The expected current maths level would be discussed between the tutor and the client prior to choosing and sending an assessment. The assessment should be completed by the student in a way that will be individually explained by the tutor, and sent back to the tutor at least two days in advance or as soon as possible (if the taster lesson is scheduled to take place sooner - while this is not advisable - it can be agreed on if the client would like to start the tuition sooner).
The tutor would create a plan for the taster lesson accordingly in line with the assessment and will send a report after the taster lesson. A written assessment is only a part of the overall picture and discussing the assessment further with the student in the lesson helps to create a better overall picture for the initial maths report. A formal grade of an assessment might not be given in some cases. Grades will be more likely given for a pre-exam assessment. For students with currently no exams ahead, the assessment serves as guidance rather than material to grade by a specific marking system.
If a taster lesson is booked with a specific goal in mind, for example, a preparation for an upcoming test, this can be accommodated and the lesson would focus on specific topics and questions that the student currently needs help with. For the best experience and the most efficient way of spending student's time in the lesson, any work (specific questions, including the answers/marks scheme where available) related to the upcoming test should be sent to the tutor prior to the lesson (ideally at least two days in advance or as soon as the student gets them). If no specific work is available, the student should tell the tutor in detail what it is they need (for the test, etc.) so the tutor can prepare appropriate resources prior to the lesson and secure smooth lesson progress.
If a taster lesson would be focused on a specific topic (due to a variety of reasons, such as an upcoming test, etc.), an assessment can be done later as a part of regular tuition instead. Whenever it'd be convenient for both sides - the tutor and the student - if needed and required.

Notes for group courses and programs: The taster lesson option might not be included in all programs - please ask for more details.



Monthly plans are tailored to provide the best tuition support and are meant to take place every scheduled week. Cancellations and changes to the monthly plan can be done 5 working days before the next lesson. The same applies to ad-hoc lessons, consultations and any other tuition plans.

Cancellation would cease the tuition for the rest of the month and you’ll get a refund for any remaining lessons. You can book and start the tuition later again but your time slot may be taken by another student.

Example of cancellation: You will only need 2 last lessons in the month that's been (or is to be) paid. Instead of the usual payment (£300), you will be required to pay 2x lessons - that's £200. Anything you already paid above this amount for that month will be refunded.

A change could be requested in order to arrange an alternative session or to take a break. A rearranged lesson or a break up to one week won't affect your regular time slot - it will be kept for you for future lessons. When a lesson is rearranged, there's no change to the payment. With a break, but to keep your regular slot, you'll be given the option to have a distant (offline) lesson arranged (please ask for more information).

Example of a change: You'll plan to be away on the day of your regular lesson and request a change of dates. The tutor will discuss the best alternatives for you and arrange an alternative lesson date (usually within a week's time frame from the original lesson date). This doesn't change your regular price for that month.

Example of a break: You ask for a break (without lesson rearrangement) for a week. You will be offered a distance lesson option. This doesn't change your regular price for that month.

Changes in lesson length: The client may ask for shorter lessons if this suits the learner better; the same monthly payment will apply. Longer lessons may be accommodated depending on time availability; the monthly fees will be discussed.

Lessons have to be fully paid/won’t be refunded if:

  1. the client/student isn’t present at the lesson, i.e. not responding to video calls for online tuition
  2. cancellation/change request is announced less than 5 working days in advance AND the client did not choose an alternative session before the lesson was due if they were eligible for such an option (that is once per month - see below)

Clients can have up to one unplanned emergency lesson change per month (for example due to technical/internet connection issues, being stuck in traffic, being ill, etc.) where the 5 days notice can be waived and an alternative lesson can be offered with no changes to the payment plan (only if there's time availability, otherwise a distance lessons options applies). This can be only applied before the lesson starts.

The tutor may send a lesson reminder if the student isn't on time but it’s the client’s responsibility to be ready on time for the lesson. It’s recommended to log in to the lesson (to log in to Bitpaper + Zoom) a few minutes in advance to ensure a smooth start of the lesson.

If the client is late for more than 10 minutes, the tutor won’t wait any longer and will end the lesson, which will be charged in full. If the client is late for less than 10 minutes, the lesson will finish at the usual time and be paid for in full.
When the student will be able to join at a later start time, the client/student needs to contact the tutor about it. The rest of the lesson then may resume - as exceptions for a longer waiting time may be made at the tutor’s discretion. 

If the tutor is late for a session, the client can choose one of the following options:

  1. having the session extended beyond the usual time to get the full length of the session (if that’s possible for both sides)
  2. adding the lost time to the next session with no change of charge

In exceptional circumstances - when the tutor has to cancel the lesson in advance or cannot join for technical or other serious reasons - the alternative options will be discussed with the client directly to ensure maximum satisfaction on the client's side.

Notes for group courses and programs: Due to the nature of the courses and programs, the times of live lessons can't be altered. Additional options are available depending on the type of course/program to ensure you can make more of the tuition even if you might not be able to join the lesson(s). Most courses and programs are modular and possible to book per module or in a block. Cancellation options are clearly stated with each booking - you can cancel and not start the upcoming module or block within the given timeframe. When the module starts and resources are provided, cancellation is not usually possible. Cancellation of the remaining modules that haven't started yet is possible. Exceptions are up to the tutor's discretion.



sessions can be tutored in one of the following alternative ways IF it suits both sides (student & tutor):

  1. rearranging** the session to another day/time
  2. distance tuition - the session is carried out by the tutor alone for the student to learn later independently the topics planned for the missed lesson. This can take the form of written notes, worked out step by step examples and/or short video tutorials for the given topic. This option is usually only possible to do within the time frame of the planned lesson and the client/student must instruct the tutor in time what topics/notes they would like to have worked out this way. Depending on the tutor's availability, alternative times to carry out a distance lesson may apply.

*The price of any alternatively arranged lesson is the same as the price of the lesson originally booked.

**The session is not considered as rearranged if it would be requested at the usual time slot of the next regularly scheduled lesson.

Notes for group courses and programs: Course plans for (i)GCSE classes are fixed to ensure the learning will be covered well and in time for the exams. If a student cannot attend, they can ask questions in advance which will be answered during the usual live lesson and a recording will be provided. Last-minute requests might not be possible to cater for during the upcoming live lesson - it is advisable to ask at least 24 hrs in advance.
In exceptional circumstances, if the tutor cannot attend the live lesson, students will be expected to ask questions (this might be up to 24 hrs after the scheduled live lesson) and a recording will be provided. In the next live lesson, the tutor will ensure all students understand everything they asked about in the previous (not-live) lesson.



The tutor and the client can communicate together via emails, text messages, WhatsApp and other communication channels. Clients will be added to Your Maths Tutor's email database to safely receive important notifications and updates. These cannot be sent individually to every client without the risk of the email landing in a spam folder and the client missing an important notification about the services.  Clients should not opt-out of receiving these important emails until the tuition finishes.
Clients won't be added to any regular email newsletter unless they would opt to do so themselves.



Short feedback can be given at the end of the session when requested. Please let the tutor know if possible in advance and be present a few minutes before the lesson ends. This allows planning the lesson with a few minutes in mind for the chat before the lesson ends so it wouldn’t affect the next scheduled lessons.

Email feedback can be given regularly - as it suits each student’s plan (weekly, monthly or as requested/needed).

If you need a longer chat, please arrange a call to discuss current progress or results and expectations of the tuition more in-depth, to discuss teacher's notes and school reports or for any other tuition-related discussion directly.

For any further communication with the tutor please feel free to use emails/texts/messages any time.

Notes for group courses and programs: For safeguarding reasons, parents cannot be getting feedback during the lesson with other students present. Feedback will be given in alternative forms. 



Providing additional homework resources is a free part of the service and can be done on a regular or irregular basis depending on the style that suits the best current student’s lesson plan. Shorter focus-based homework can be marked by the tutor if the homework is finished and returned at least two days before the next lesson (where answers are not provided). For more extensive homework, marking can be done either by the client (where answers are provided), as a part of the next lesson, or alternatively as an extra paid online/distance lesson.

In some cases, the tutor may suggest a more in-depth assessment. This usually happens around mock time for pre-exam students to help narrow the pre-exam tuition focus. It can also be suggested near other key times during the school year, such as end-of-year assessment to help identify possible topics to focus on during summer lessons if these are taken. This is a free part of the service and the tutor will let you know if/when this would apply to you.


Read more about good homework practice:






Students, or parents on behalf of younger students, are encouraged to be in touch between lessons and ask additional maths questions (via email, WhatsApp,...) in order to get help with their practice. The tutor answers as soon as it is possible for shorter questions, this is free of charge. If there is a more complex maths problem that needs to be helped with between lessons, an additional lesson may be arranged or this can be left to be solved during the next lesson.

Notes for group courses and programs: Additional support outside of the standard program/course offer may be available if the tutor has the time capacity. 



The schedule when live lessons are taught is given in advance. It does not follow school holidays (although many school holidays often fit into the implementation weeks).

Notes for group courses and programs: Lesson plans differ per program - please ask for more details.



Tuition services can be terminated at any time but at least 5 working days before the next scheduled lesson.

Any outstanding payments for the rest of the prepaid lessons will be refunded according to the correct notice period.



While for the majority of students following the suggested lesson plan the expected results are overall very promising (improving by two grades on average, lowering maths anxiety, understanding maths principles and establishing the ability to apply them), the tutor doesn’t guarantee this.

Please note that:

Long-term regular tuition aims to help improve students’ knowledge and maths skills to a degree that varies for each individual. By discussing specific academic goals and following the tutor’s recommendations for the lesson plan, the student may expect the desired result.

The tutor doesn’t guarantee any specific academic results, exam grades, etc.

The tutor is not liable for any mistakes (on her side nor the student’s side), the overall outcome of the tuition nor for academic results, grade results, entrance applications success etc.

The tutor’s work in any form is meant to be a guide for the student who is supposed to learn from it and then do the required work by themselves after having a sufficient amount of lessons.



Notes from each lesson are always provided in written form (mostly in Bitpaper). Hence for lessons conducted online in a form of a video call (with or without cameras on), be it over Zoom or an alternative program, students/clients are not allowed to record lessons in any form. The tutor would seek consent from the parents (and/or the students if they’re independent adult learners) prior to any recording should the need arise. While recording is not generally needed nor expected in one to one lessons, students will be always asked (even with prior parental consent) whether they allow the recording before it starts. This applies to any type of lesson - one to one or groups. Students who don't want to be in the recordings can turn off their camera and/or mute their microphone.

Notes for group courses and programs: Recording generally takes place - as per notes above, students will be always informed so they can choose to mute their microphone and/or turn their camera off before the recording takes place. Recordings are available per request to students who are participants of the particular course (whether they attended that specific lesson or not) and each recording is available only temporarily (usually up to two weeks, exceptions may apply).



Terms of Service may change. Clients will be informed about any changes with reasonable notice. By continuing to pay for the services, you express agreement with the said changes.



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