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Do you need help with maths? I’m Veronika and I'm the one you're looking for - your little maths helper, Your Maths Tutor.

Let me introduce myself, in case you haven't watched my introductory video yet...
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Your Maths TutorI’ve been tutoring maths since 2006.
After getting a bachelor's degree in mathematics and biology for college teachers I became a full-time maths tutor. I later moved to the UK where I continued tutoring maths whilst also working in a secondary SEN school in London. After a few years at the school I left to work full-time as a maths tutor again and I've been doing that ever since!
I have an enhanced DBS (updated yearly) and many references from my past students that you can find here.

Currently, I tutor online only - please find out more in my maths tuition section.

Although I focus on GCSE and A level maths tuition, the ages of my students really vary. The youngest student I've tutored was a four-year-old boy in reception class, the oldest students I tutor are often adults (mostly mums and dads in full-time jobs) who are completing their GCSE and higher education by distance learning.

I really enjoy helping students get the grades they deserve and leading them towards their learning goals. I always try to push students to reach their greatest possible achievements whilst explaining everything patiently and finding the most suitable way to show them maths solutions in a way that keeps it fun (yeah, it is possible).

Do you have a single maths question you're finding difficult, or a big maths exam to tackle? Let's book a lesson, set up a lesson plan and I'll help you master maths. Contact me via email or find out more in my maths tuition section.

If you're curious about my maths experience, let me tell you that I have tutored...

...everything... I mean it, really everything - all possible maths levels and forms of learning - let's sum it up:

  • Reception, primary, secondary, college, university, further education and adult learners
  • Exams: 11+, 13+, iGCSE and GCSE maths (both Foundation and Higher tier), GCSE Further maths, A level maths and further maths, IB Standard and Higher, numeracy skills (for QTS and other certificates/professions), GMAT, various university course exams
  • Distance tuition for adults, FE and university students, secondary and college students from around the UK and Europe, USA, China, Hong Kong, Australia and more
  • Maths for home educated students of various ages, often with special education needs
  • Group tuition: both in private tuition and in school/tuition centre as well as online (check out my online maths classes)
  • SEN in-school teaching: KS3 and KS4, Functional skills Level 1, 2 and GCSE groups
  • Mixed groups in tuition centre (KS3 + KS4 students)
  • Experience tutoring maths for students with SEN: ADHD, dyscalculia, ASD students - with both mild and severe complex learning difficulties
  • Maths integrated into biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, IT, business and management
  • I tutor in the following languages: Czech as a native speaker, English as a fluent speaker (and I have also tutored maths a couple of times in Spanish!)


To discuss your needs further please email me with your maths enquiries
email Your Maths Tutor 
or WhatsApp me at +44 750 7356 113

I can't wait to help you with maths!

And because maths isn't just cracking algebra and memorising formulas, I have some fun stuff for you too - head over to my Facebook page for some fun.



We contacted Veronika as our teenage son, who had previously enjoyed maths, had had his confidence severely knocked and had fallen behind in maths after moving up to high school. Maths had gone from a subject he enjoyed, to a class he dreaded. Veronika took on board the issues and concerns we had and helped our son with the areas he was struggling with and helped restore his confidence in this subject. He now no longer dreads maths class and has stated that he may continue studying maths beyond high school years, as his understanding and enjoyment of this subject has returned. We cannot recommend Veronika highly enough.
Our son, when asked for his opinion stated "Veronika is very helpful, has a good understanding of all topics and went out of her way to help me".

Elle C. for Lycee student

When my 15 year old son announced that he would like to receive some tuition for his Maths GCSE with only 9 weeks to go before the exam, I got straight onto the internet to find one that would meet his needs. And boy did I find her! Veronika was brilliant. She took time to get to know my son, his history (he is a school refuser) and supported his learning in a very intuitive way from day dot. She is highly experienced in her field and this shines through. My son likes her and responds to her very well which is definitely a contrast to his experience in the school setting. Veronika is an exceptional tutor and I can recommend her wholeheartedly. Thank you Veronika.

Helen W. for GCSE student

Veronika has helped me prepare for professional numerical psychometric tests that I passed thanks to her help. She was always well prepared, patient, great at explaining, and engaging. As a working professional, I really appreciated Veronika’s flexibility with arranging lessons. I would highly recommend her lessons to anyone. Thank you!

Veronika S., policy analyst