What my clients have said about my tuition:

Veronika is very professional and understood, what my son´s needs were.

Chris H-J. for college student

There is a nice collaboration with the tutor. She is intelligent, personable, helpful tutor. She offers an understandable explanation of the discussing theme.

Barbora D., high school student - adult learner

The tutor is personable, helpful. She always tries to explain to me everything.

Radek W., high school student

There is everything correctly, clearly explained by Veronika. There is a generally noticeable improvement in my maths skills. I RECOMMEND HER!

Zaneta M., high school student

The tutor is personable and kind. I do not intervene in the work with my son much - he is satisfied and he’s always looking forward to another lesson. Since my son is having dyscalculia issues, the work will be for a long period with him.

Michaela K. for primary school pupil

The tutor has an excellent and understandable attitude. She is flexible to student’s demands. She has good knowledge of maths problems.

Petr Kl., university student

Veronika is a fantastic tutor! She's kind, reliable, educated - purely and simply perfect! Veronika explains hard schoolwork by way of examples. This way of studying is very helpful and effective in maths. Well, I definitely recommend her to you. Try her lessons and you won't regret!

Georg D., high school and also university student

I didn’t have problems with maths until I went to university, so I had to find a tutor. And I found Veronika. I think that she is the best tutor I could ever find. Every time I didn’t understand I simply asked her and she explained it in another way so I understood it. Now I haven’t problems with maths.

Zuzana Z., university student

Veronika is a great tutor. And it actually means a lot coming from me, since I have always found maths very hard to deal with. Yet, she not only made me understand the hidden logic in it and get the gist of what was actually going on in the problem, but she made me enjoy myself solving it at the same time. I found her methods very effective and not very pressuring therefore I was able to study in a considerably relaxed atmosphere. So if your "relationship" with maths is as bad as mine was, why don't you give it a try? I would definitely recommend Veronika! Let her try some magic of hers on you and who knows, you might change your mind just like I did.

Nicole V., high school student