What my clients have said about my tuition:

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Veronika is a fantastic tutor! She's kind, reliable, educated - purely and simply perfect! Veronika explains hard schoolwork by way of examples. This way of studying is very helpful and effective in maths. Well, I definitely recommend her to you. Try her lessons and you won't regret!

Georg D., high school and also university student

I didn’t have problems with maths until I went to university, so I had to find a tutor. And I found Veronika. I think that she is the best tutor I could ever find. Every time I didn’t understand I simply asked her and she explained it in another way so I understood it. Now I haven’t problems with maths.

Zuzana Z., university student

Veronika is a great tutor. And it actually means a lot coming from me, since I have always found maths very hard to deal with. Yet, she not only made me understand the hidden logic in it and get the gist of what was actually going on in the problem, but she made me enjoy myself solving it at the same time. I found her methods very effective and not very pressuring therefore I was able to study in a considerably relaxed atmosphere. So if your "relationship" with maths is as bad as mine was, why don't you give it a try? I would definitely recommend Veronika! Let her try some magic of hers on you and who knows, you might change your mind just like I did.

Nicole V., high school student

Hi guys, I have to admit that Veronika has been my best maths tutor ever. Thanks to her I was able to pass my final exams during my senior year. So don't hesitate and contact her :-) Good luck.

Susan D., high school student

I contacted Miss Veronika Motyckova about help with tutoring Mathematics for my exam. I was supposed to pass this exam during my university studies. I knew I could need some help. Unfortunately, I have no time for face-to-face tutoring and so we arranged the skype-tutoring. Although we weren't next to each other, there was no problem thanks to the web cameras and the tutoring was going on absolutely well. I passed the exam with excellent result and so I can warmly recommend any kind of her tutoring method.

Alena B., university student

I’m very satisfied with the tutoring. Every theme is consulted and explained carefully. Tutor Veronika has a large range of knowledge and she has a responsive and professional attitude. I recommend her and I’m very satisfied - the headway is showing in the first few classes.

Petr Kv., high school student

Veronika was tutoring me at the high school and I got better two grades. She is reliable. She knows how to explain math so I understand it well. I was very happy with her.

Helena M., high school student

Miss Veronika has been tutoring me for two years. Currently, I’m a university student. Veronika helped me to get ready for university studies (maths) and she continues to help me get through the maths classes and exams.
I didn’t study maths on secondary school deeply, so she is helping me with this maths level too simultaneously with my university maths subjects.
I have to appreciate Veronika’s willingness to continuously practice big amounts of maths problems. She enjoys that. Veronika is very flexible with tutoring time. We used to have maths intensively - every Friday and weekend, even other additional days when I had no school. We’ll be continuing via Skype now.
I’ll be more than happy to give her a recommendation to anyone, who needs maths tutoring. I got contact on Veronika also through my mother’s friend. She had a great experience with Veronika’s tutoring of her daughter.

Robin D., university student

Veronika has tutored me maths and statistics. I needed to pass the university exam in summer 2013. The form of my study programme was focused on self-learning, which was a problem, even if I never had a problem with mathematics in secondary school. I haven’t seen mathematics for 6 years, so I needed to refresh my knowledge. But I had nobody to consult it with me when any problem in understanding the maths topics appears. Veronika helped me to create a study plan and was very flexible with my schedule. I was very satisfied with her approach. If I wasn’t able to come in person, she was ready to help me via Skype. This method was very convenient for me and saved a lot of time and I was able to study in the comfort of my own home. My main issue was counting the math problems. If I needed help, I sent it to Veronika. She solved and returned it to me with a detailed explanation how to solve it. The way of her online tutoring especially helped me the most, I saved a lot of time when I didn’t need to solve assignments just on my own, but I was able to do it with pre-solved work from her. She prepared me effectively for my exams and I was able to pass them without problems. I asked Veronika again in winter 2013/2014 with statistics, because I was very satisfied with her tutoring. So she helped me with this subject too. I’d like to thank Veronika for her nice approach and skill to lead a student and teach me well.

Lenka D., university student