There is literally something for everyone. Check what I found for myself!

This is how it started - with a lovely cat T-shirt. So I created my own version of this one you see (check it together with more designs in my MathShop).

What I love most is the Ladies V-neck purple option! World of T-shirts designs rules =)
I love cats, more than dogs (sorry doggos, you are also cute, but...) and hey, I do have a maths degree. Only - I don't have at this moment my own cats... But my extended family - they have 5 of them (and always thinking about getting more, all rescued, bless them!). So my life is still cat-full, luckily!

If you have a maths degree and love cats as much as I do, you're welcome - I just found a tee for you! =)
And if you know cat loving mathematician, well, now you know what to give them for birthday...

Also, stay tuned for my own designs which are coming (sooner or later... exams are coming, so no promises, my students need me).

P.S. Once again, there are more AWESOME maths tees (and not only tees) in my MathShop - browse and enjoy!