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Does really everyone think I'm some sort of magic maths wizard who answers all your funny maths questions?
Earlier this year, my new class team colleague instead of introducing me the new class, asked me "How much is 79 x 8 - 16 x 7 without paper or calculator?"
"Eh, 520, I'm Veronika, nice to meet you too."

Sometimes my students struggle a bit with rounding when given a certain amount of significant figures. So let's have a look how does it work - especially some tricky bits with zeros all around.

Believe me or not, multiplying (and dividing) by number five and also its decimal multiples is more often needed than you might think. And you don't have always a calculator or at least some paper and pen with you, so that's when you use mental maths.

Everyone, not only when in school, needs time to time to convert between fractions, decimals, and percentages - in any way.

There's plenty of exam boards and all the confusing stuff about GCSE. It would be nice to have a quick access to your desired maths past papers from the exam board you are about to do.


Get yourself exam / past papers for GCSE maths - either the old course or 9-1 and check your answers with marking schemes.

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