If you've ever wondered a bit about my MathShop, here are some useful facts:

Is it secure to shop from Your Maths Tutor website?
Yes. Your Maths Tutor is an informative website about my maths tuition business with maths resources for topics I tutor most of the time and maths articles. For that reason, to keep loading speed at a reasonable pace, I do not have SSL certificate enabled on the website. ALTHOUGH, items from MathShop are not processed through this website. I do show my own designs here, but at this moment I sell them on Etsy. This lowers my cost of creating my own web-solution suitable for online shopping, you can enjoy the secure feeling of buying from a well-known marketplace, where I also shop myself, and I can focus rather on maths tutoring and here and there on designing new T-shirts and more.

Why do you sell maths T-shirts?
I do like maths (surprised? =), I'm of an entrepreneurial character and I enjoy this adventure with maths-art designing. Making some extra money besides maths tuition whilst it's still maths related is great, don't you think? I do =)

Any more questions? Ask me, I'm happy to answer.