Hi there, I'm Veronika. As an online maths tutor, my job is to teach you ninja maths moves to prepare you for your exams and make sure you achieve your dream grades! Usually, the majority of my students are studying GCSE or A-level maths (including National 5 and Scottish Highers), however, I have years of experience teaching everyone from primary to degree and also Special Education Needs (SEN) students. Whatever your maths learning goals - don't be shy to get in touch. I look forward to hearing how I can
PS: Even if maths is not your favourite subject, be prepared I might convince you that maths is actually pretty cool!

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What does this mean? What am I up to? Well, just trying to satisfy the huge demand of enquiries about (mostly) GSCE maths tuition (probably as a result of the changes with 9-1, but I assure you, it's not so horrendous as it looks like =)
So now you can join me weekly online and ask anything you want to know about GSCE maths for just a little money you would pay otherwise for a one to one tuition.

My time is limited. 24 hours per day. No more - no matter how much would I like to stretch my time and help more students, it's impossible. Well, I thought so, but actually, it's not so hopeless - there's a way: now you can ask me any GCSE maths question and I will make a short video to answer it and explain it to you.

What's good about this way of tutoring?
Firstly, I encourage you to ask me on a weekly basis, so it pushes you to learn on a regular basis. Also, it's cheaper as you get together with your video-answer also a couple of more like-videos I make for other students just like you, so you'll learn more for less. This way you'll also see what the others are struggling with, so you won't feel you're the only one who fights maths right now. It's simply good when you have your own pace and just need to clear few things here and there. There's no need to participate every week, yet it's a good habit to do so - work on your maths, have questions and get your answers.

Have I not amazed you with the advantages of video tuition? Do you fancy one-to-one tuition instead? Either one-off or regularly? You can have it if you book me in advance. Just get in touch and we'll discuss the options.

So are you ready to check on the options and book your free assessment with me before rolling onto my GCSE online maths video course? Go to check on my Interactive GCSE Maths Video-Course, learn more about it and get in touch once you're ready to start - and get answered any maths questions which don't let you sleep in the night.

I'm looking forward to speaking to you soon =)