The quick and easy guide for Your Maths Tutor’s Terms of Service (the text below does not cover the official Terms of Service, it only highlights key aspects).

Please read the FULL terms of service HERE (click here for the FULL ToS)

For group courses and programs the terms apply with a few changes where appropriate, please see added notes in each section.


All tuition services are to be paid in advance, usually, 5 working days apply.

Taster lesson: 30 mins - £48.75, 45 mins - £65 or 1 hr - £81.25 

Basic hourly rates: 30 mins - £54, 45 mins - £72, 1 hr - £90

Monthly plans...
...with holidays: the most common plan is £260 per month for 45 mins weekly
...without holidays: prices vary accordingly, for example, an alternation to the above plan would be in a range of £224-£230 per month over 11 months

Payments are paid via direct debit, the usual payment date is on the 25th of the month for the following month, the dates can be adjusted when mutually agreed.

Notes for group courses and programs: Prices differ per program, please see more at the Prices section of the website.



Your booked lesson length may vary slightly (a couple of minutes) depending on the final task and questions asked.


TASTER LESSON: Please see more information here

Notes for group courses and programs: The taster lesson option might not be included in all programs - please ask for more details.



Any changes are to be requested 5 working days in advance, late requests might be subject to the full charge.
The monthly plan reverts to the basic hourly rate if the whole month is not paid in full (i.e. when the client requests fewer lessons).
Late arrival to the lesson will likely lead to a shorter lesson or losing the lesson with no rearrangement option.
One emergency late notice per month is acceptable and the tutor will help find a suitable rearrangement.

The infographics below is not a full guide for changes and cancellations but it's a helpful visualisation.

Notes for group courses and programs: Due to the nature of the courses and programs, the times of live lessons can't be altered. Additional options are available depending on the type of course/program to ensure you can make more of the tuition even if you might not be able to join the lesson(s). Most courses and programs are modular and possible to book per module or in a block. Cancellation options are clearly stated with each booking - you can cancel and not start the upcoming module or block within the given timeframe. When the module starts and resources are provided, cancellation is not usually possible, cancellation of the remaining modules that haven't started yet is possible. Exceptions are up to the tutor's discretion. 


ALTERNATIVE SESSIONS are basically a great way to not loose a lesson if life gets in the way.


COMMUNICATION is welcome to be kept by any suitable channel possible. The main communication about important matters will be done via email.



Parents can join before the lesson ends when requested a short feedback or a chat.
A longer discussion might be scheduled upon request at a different time/day.
Any further communication with the tutor can be done via emails/texts/messages at any time.

Notes for group courses and programs: For safeguarding reasons, parents cannot be getting feedback during the lesson with other students present. Feedback will be given in alternative forms. 


HOMEWORK can be given, depending on each student's situation and needs, following a prior discussion about the matter with the parents.


ADDITIONAL MATHS SUPPORT in the form of quick help between the lessons is available.

Notes for group courses and programs: Additional support outside of the standard program/course offer may be available if the tutor has the time capacity. 


SCHOOL HOLIDAYS may or may not be included in your lesson plan. Dates and times might change if requested and if the tutor has the availability.

Notes for group courses and programs: Lesson plans differ per program - please ask for more details.


END OF TUITION can be requested at any time, a suitable notice is needed according to the cancellation terms (please read the FULL Terms of Service HERE (click the link).



No guarantees of the outcome of the tuition are given. The tutor can, at best, give only personal expected projections of the future student's results.



No recording of the lesson in any form by the students/clients is allowed.
The tutor will ask for permission to record lessons if the recording is needed.

Notes for group courses and programs: During live lessons in group courses and programs, recordings are expected to take place. Prior to the recording, students will be always informed and they can turn their camera off and mute their microphone.



Terms of Service may change. Clients will be informed about any changes with reasonable notice. By continuing to pay for the services, you express agreement with the said changes.



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