If you have 4 pencils and I ate 7 apples, how many pancakes will fit on the roof?
Purple, because aliens don't wear hats.
Is this the way how you see maths? Then you probably won't crack up while being told a maths joke. But are there really some funny ones? Even for non-mathematicians?
Yes they are - I've done the research for you - prepare to laugh =) (At least a bit.)

One of my friend's house number is 256; when I saw it for the first time, the immediate thought which crossed my mind was "28" - in my case, there's no special trick needed for remembering that. But when your brain doesn't work with numbers the same way, how can you remember a (long) number? The another way is to have an eidetic memory. But if that's also not your case, you can learn a smart trick how to remember long numbers.

Which one is better? How does it work? Will it suit you? Let me tell you my experience and my students' opinion for both local and online maths tuition.
Spoiler alert: the answer is that there's not the one best way. Each type of tuition is, simply, different. Not necessarily better or worse.

Does really everyone think I'm some sort of magic maths wizard who answers all your funny maths questions?
Earlier this year, my new class team colleague instead of introducing me the new class, asked me "How much is 79 x 8 - 16 x 7 without paper or calculator?"
"Eh, 520, I'm Veronika, nice to meet you too."

Sometimes my students struggle a bit with rounding when given a certain amount of significant figures. So let's have a look how does it work - especially some tricky bits with zeros all around.

Hi, it's Veronika, your little maths helper and content creator of Your Maths Tutor.
I've always had a great relationship with maths so no surprise I got a maths degree and ended up teaching it full time - as an online maths tutor.
If you need help with maths just get in touch =)

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